Recognizing Deceptive Ministries  &  Minister's - The Unholy Seed of Satan


All around the world there's a move to unmind God's divine plan of salavtion for humanity. The question one must ask concerning this unholy plan of the seed of Satan. Am I, in fact; truly a born again Child of the Living an true God of creation? 


There's no doubt there are those who're truly die heart emeries of the Holy God of heaven and earth. It's these individual's who're trying to destroy the holy people of God Almighty. They're called "The Unholy Seed of Satan. Learn more about what lays ahead in the coming day's just before the return of the Lord God for His true people the "True" Church.

Without a dream the people fail to live up to the divine greatness without them. We as a people must begin to live our lives in accordance with our great Creators will.  

- Adisa Ade

The wait is over. The Secrets of the unholy seed of Satan is now revealed! Thrilling and informative, you'll gain experience on how to see through the evil plans of the wicked One.

New Living Way Publication


A awesome opportunity to learn more concerning the unholy seed of Satan, Secrets which will have you page-flippering for day's.

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